Base Yarn

Base Yarn – the undyed yarn that I start with

The descriptions below show the differences between the various yarn bases that I use.

Soft superwash yarns are my focus. Merino wool is the yarn that I sell the most. It is soft and fine and can often be worn next to the skin. Occasionally some British Bluefaced Leicester yarn will make it to the shop.

The yarn base names come from my Manitoulin Island heritage. See more here.


Skeins weigh 100g, 115g and mini skeins are 20g.

The bases are listed from thinnest to the thickest.

They differ in how many strands or ply they have as well as the fiber that they are made from.

All of the yarns that I sell are classed as superwash wool, except for one, which means that they won’t felt or mat as easily as non-superwash wools will.

Merino Lace

Laceweight yarn

  • 930 yds/100g, 100% superwash Merino wool, 2-ply.

Pine Lake Fingering

Fingering/sock weight

  • 490 yds/100g – 100% superwash Merino wool – 3 ply.

A soft, round yarn that makes a fine fabric with great stitch detail and blooms slightly with laundering.

Pine Lake Fingering Shawl
Shawl made with one skein of OOAK Swamp Colors on Pine Lake Fingering yarn base.

Merino/Bamboo/Nylon (discontinued)

Fingering/sock weight – 70% superwash Merino wool, 20% Bamboo, 10% nylon, 3-ply.

  • 465 yds/115g

This yarn is very soft and smooth.

Starburst on Merino Bamboo Nylon
Starburst on Merino/Bamboo/Nylon

Providence Bay Sock

Fingering/sock weight – 75% superwash Merino wool, 25% nylon – 4 ply.

  • 463 yds/100g
  • 92 yds/20g mini

A soft, smooth, strong yarn.

Hilly Grove Fingering yarn

Fingering weight

  • 438yds/100g – 100% superwash Merino wool – 4 ply

This yarn captures dye in a rather glorious way.

Sparkle Sock

Fingering/sock weight

  • 438 yds/100g – 75% superwash merino, 20% nylon,  5% Stellina. (Stellina is a non-metal fiber.) – 2 ply

Ferguson BFL

Fingering/sock weight

  • 438yds/100g – 100% superwash BFL wool – 4 ply.  100% British wool

This is a rare fiber from England with a longer staple and great sheen and drape. It is strong and sturdy.

Viney Twist BFL

Fingering/sock weight

  • 400 yds/100g – 80% superwash BFL wool, 20% nylon – 2 ply.

Rare Fiber from England with great sheen and drape.

Spring Bay Sock

Fingering/sock weight

  • 420 yds/115g – 80% superwash Merino wool, 20% nylon, 3-ply.

Lighthouse Fingering

  • 400 yds /115g, 100% superwash Merino wool, 2-ply

Little Current Sock

Fingering/sock weight

  • 400 yds/100g – 100% superwash Merino wool – 2 ply.

Treasure Island Sock

Fingering/sock weight

  • 400 yds/100g – 80% superwash Merino wool, 20% nylon – 2 ply

This yarn has high twist and the strength of nylon.

This base is like Little Current Sock base (above) but with the addition of nylon.

Merino Singles

Fingering/sock weight

  • 400 yds/100g – 100% superwash Merino wool, one ply.

Highly twisted, this yarn takes dye in an amazing way.

Gore Bay Sport, non-superwash

Sport weight

  • 328 yds/100g

100% non-superwash Merino wool, 3-ply.

Clover Valley Sport (not in stock often)

Sport weight

  • 274 yds/100g – 100% superwash Merino wool – 4×2 ply=8 plies.

A soft, squishy yarn that captures color in a unique way.

Swing Bridge DK (occasionally in stock)

DK weight

  • 231 yds/100g – 100% superwash Merino wool – 4 ply.

A bouncy, soft yarn.

Wharf Worsted

  • 200yds/115g, 100% superwash Merino, 4-ply

Windfall Lake Worsted (not in stock often)

Worsted weight

  • 218 yds/100g – 100% superwash Merino wool – 2×4 ply= 8 ply

Washing instructions:

Personally, I hand wash by gently swooshing in a dishpan or basin with a drop of Dawn dishsoap, then place gently in an empty washing machine for a spin cycle and then lay flat to dry.

However, superwash yarn may be washed in cool water with mild wool soap or a small amount of shampoo by machine on gentle cycle. Then lay flat to dry.