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My name is Paula Holmes and I am the fiber artist and owner of Bayview Fiber Arts.

I find it exciting to wonder what you might make from your yarn that you have so carefully chosen.  Will it be warm socks, a gorgeous shawl or maybe a cozy hat?

Each yarn from Bayview Fiber Arts will help you create a unique, hand-crafted item that you will be proud to share.


Once I discovered the fascinating world of hand dyed yarns I was hooked.

Our yarn is hand dyed in small batches using professional acid dyes in a smoke-free/ pet free home. The dye is heat set and thoroughly rinsed so your hands will stay clean.

My goal in dyeing wool yarns is to suffuse them with glorious, vibrant color that you can’t wait to get your hands on!

Local buyers

IF you live locally and wish to pick up your yarn in St. Stephen, NB, please choose the local pickup option during checkout and you will not be charged shipping fees. Use coupon code LOCAL.

 A little more information about me…

I was born in Little Current on Manitoulin Island, Ontario. Manitoulin Island is in Lake Huron and is the largest freshwater lake island in the world.

I named my yarn bases after my island heritage, which is precious to me. You can be thankful that I didn’t use some of the island place names like Tehkummah, Wikwemikong, Sheguiandah or Sheshegwaning! 🙂

My family moved to a working cattle ranch in the Alberta foothills when I was seven where I spent my most memorable childhood years learning to ranch, ride horses and rope calves. Great days.

This ranch was just up the road to the west from the now historic Bar U Ranch.  It’s kind of funny, as a child, I went to the Bar U ranch and played hide and seek in the hay barns, played in the creek and had church meetings at the ranch house with my friends.

For the past 22 years, my husband and I have lived in southwestern New Brunswick far away from the mountains of Alberta. We live in the countryside with a view of the gorgeous Bay of Fundy. Across the valley, we can see Maine, USA.  Life is good!

18 months on Instagram… and counting

On February 9, 2016, I posted my first post on the Bayview Fiber Arts Instagram account.

This has been an incredible year of getting back to dyeing yarn, making new friends and selling lots of yummy yarn!


I was honored to be asked to participate in a month long, “Get to know the yarn dyer”, series hosted by the lovely   Nailya Plaskey.

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Last year Yarn Love Month was focused on the US dyers only. This year a few other countries have made this fabulous list. A Canadian dyer, Paula of @bayviewfiberarts is to kick off #YarnLoveMonth2017 , and do you see that pretty Bloom at the Wharf skein? Paula is generously donating it to a lucky winner of Yarn Love Month giveaway. Remember, each question you ask is an entry (no limits), so put your journalist caps on, and fire away. Another entry if you visit her website, and comment with your favorite colorway. So, without further ado, meet talented Paula: "My name is Paula Holmes, I was born on Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron and my yarn bases are named after places or people from there. My grandmothers both knit or crocheted, and my Mom passed the creative torch on to me. One day in a yarn shop I came across some hand dyed yarn. It was beautiful and more important to me, it was unique. No one else would be using the same yarn that I was! I was hooked. It turned out that the dyer is a local lady who kindly showed me the basics of hand painting yarn. I further researched how to dye yarn and started experimenting. Very quickly I learned that it is easy to dye far more yarn than you can use. The urge to dye more yarn was strong, so I started to sell a little bit. And that is how it all began!"

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My Fiber Story – why?

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#MyWhy, #myfiberstory *I want to encourage others to keep going and DON'T GIVE UP. *What I am going to tell you is NOT intended to make you pity me or feel sorry for me. God has blessed me abundantly and I feel thankful everyday. *At the end of November 2012 I sustained an injury that was the beginning of the worst three years of my life. Ligaments in both wrists had been ruptured or torn, allowing bones in both wrists to grind together. *I went through times when I felt absolutely useless. Feeling useless is horrible and depressing. Feeling needed is a basic human need that is often overlooked. *The next part contains excerpts from my post in August 2016 called "Imperfections". *On August 13th, 2015, I had wrist fusion surgery on my right wrist. I had wrist fusion surgery on my left wrist on March 27, 2014. *There is a titanium plate and 8 screws in the back of each hand/forearm. *My wrists don't bend, but they do rotate. I rarely take pain medication now. Some things are challenging but I continue to learn new/better ways to do things. *🔔 I have learned to ask for help. This was a huge one for me and I'm sure that it is for you, too. I now tend to offer help to others before they have to ask. *😊I am extremely thankful that there was a fix for my problem. How many times do people find out that they have a medical condition just to be told that there isn't much that will truly help? 💙 This past February 2016 I dyed yarn for the first time in 3 years. I was so happy! I felt like shouting, "I'm dyeing! I'm dyeing!" 😄 *This fiber/yarn/creative community has been so warm and welcoming. It is a joy getting to know you and your artistry. I rejoice with you as you post each photo that uplifts and draws us together. *❤We have all been broken in some way. Most things heal. Not as they were, maybe not as strong in the ways in which you want to be. In lots of ways, we are stronger and certainly kinder and more human after being "broken". *Please, keep going. Do what you can with what you have. Reach out. Let people know you. It's hard. Do it anyway. Let's do better together. Paula Holmes @paula_holmes, #bayviewfiberarts, #FiberBoss, #myfiberstory, #MyWhy, @knitfitch

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